130807-8-8After interviewing the entire office staff of the prestigious all girls’ high school, the two detectives left through the front door and headed to the unmarked white ford squad car parked in the street outside at the front gates.

As they made their way they heard the voice of the vice principle who came trotting after them. He had just recalled that a man had come to talk to Kelly the day of her disappearance. He was about 6 feet tall slender with a medium build and was well dressed. He had told the vice principle that he was there on behalf of Kellys father, who was on a tour of duty somewhere in the world. The vice principle hoped that his information would help.
The detectives took their notes and bid him fair well. The detectives looked at each other.
Had one of them been here?

He stood in front of his living room bay window with his hands on his hips. He was pretty happy with himself. Sandra was in the kitchen making them lunch. She was talking about this and that but he was only half listening. He was reflecting on his past week’s accomplishments. The weekend at the farm house had been quite a success. Kate and Lisa choose to go back home. There where shown the full extent of his organizations reach and power. They were paid and told to be hush-hush, which they had been to date. More >